Liverpool 2 Chelsea 0 – YES! 

We’re now installed at Jo’s aunt Gill in Perth – consequently we thought we better change the colours of the site to marl the event. Gill lives in a pretty suburb called Kwinana which is close to the port of Freemantle (very cool harbour, micro breweries etc and the beaches.
Gill and Jo on the veranda….
Tim has decided that he really now has no excuse and needs to learn to surf consequently he is booked into a lesson on Thursday with a bunch of 10 year olds (everyone in Perth of adult age who wants to learn has learnt…). He has also booked an introductory kitesurf course. Jo is looking forward chilling out with aunty Gill and Tigger the talking cat (see vid)……

In Pahia we had a very chilled fish and chips in a pub with a guy playing covers – consequently we bought Snow Patrol and Maroon 5 albums at Auckland airport which is now the current tour soundtrack.

 The video of Shotover jet is now on-line.


3 thoughts on “Australia

  1. Hi Tim and Jo and Gill, Xander and I have been enjoying the web site, particularly the rafting video, we want to know where the video of the talking cat is!!! Great to see picture of Gill and Jo, like a few more please-hope you have a bit of a relax now Jo. Enjoy the surf Tim, Xander would like to join you and the other 10 year olds to learn to surf.
    Very cold here had gales, floods and now ice wish we were with you in the sun – enjoy! lots of love Trina and Xander xxxxx

  2. Hehe, cheers for beating Chelsea 🙂 Shame we spoilt it by losing to Arsenal (ironic, after my p*ss-taking)

    Am still smirking at the thought of Tims surfing lessons with the kids. When they ask your age, say you’re 10 and look mortally offended when they doubt you….

    Well with the cold weather starting to bite the UK your verandah pic inspires more than a little jealousy!

    Lots of love

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