Off down south

Quick post – we have just spent a few great days with Aunty Gill and are now going to explore the south west corner of Australia. Tim managed yesterday to fit in a 2 hour surf lesson (but no surf) and then a 3 hr kite board lesson (lots of wind). He actually managed to get up on the plane a few times! Could be the new sport for the North West. Aunty Gill actually lives in a world class kite surf location and Tim tried to persuade her yesterday to buy a house overlooking the kite surf beach for next time we visit!

We tried to load the video of Tiggy the talking cat but couldn’t get it to upload so in the meantime you’ll have to make do with the piccy.


We also spent a day exploring on bike Rottnest island, turquoise sea, golden beaches, great snorkelling, (saw a Ray etc).

Jo on Rottnest

All quite routine for us now except for the VERY CUTE (Jo’s emphasis) Quokkas which Jo wanted to take home with her…


Freemantle harbour was also great, arty shops (Jo took advantage) and a cool harbour area. Gill took us to the famous micro brewery on the wharf…

Gill and Tim

and then the world famour Kailis class fish and ship shop. (Jo’s official favourite food). Apparantly Jo’s mum and dad know it well from their trip!


3 thoughts on “Off down south

  1. Hello Jo & Tim, Glad to see you are having a fantastic time in WA. It is without doubt one of the best places in the world. I look forward to comparing notes on your trip down south, they made me try to climb a firewatch tree sonewhere down there that was not good for a man who hates heights. Charlotte is with me at the moment and wants you to bring her a Quokka too pleasel, it can live in her bedrrom, that is like a wild place right now too! It is fantastic to see Gill is still well, she is really missed over here, give her our love too. Tell her to get a blog, we can keep in touch.
    Lets all move to OZ, it makes sense! Take care you too, looking forward to seeing you soon.
    Nick, Sam and the lunatic fringe

  2. That quokka thing is very cute. Bring one back for me.
    Try the wassabi macadmaia nuts if you have achance, very yummy.
    For marks birthday we went to paris to angelinas…can’t believe we never had hot choccy together there Jo! so much more time we needed heh!
    Glad you are still being busy looks like lots of fun

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