Down South West..

Well this is a bit of a fill in blog cos we haven’t been able to find a terminal until we reached the backpackers paradise of Koh Pi Pi……… We set off for 5 nights with a car loaded full of camping equipment and went down the coast road to Margaret river. This is the place for wine and surf (but more wine as it turned out…!). It was extremely hot in Perth 40 degrees but not much less where we were. We ended up after lots of faffing from Tim looking for his ideal site in Yallingup in a pleasant but crowded camp site (Australia day weekend what did we expect?).


The next day we were on the beach. But Tim still could not get the ideal wave…… or the right board. (they only had 8 foot board, lardy Tim needs a 10 foot).

Next day it was off again and we headed further south. Aim was to get to the southern port of Albany, but we got diverted in the forest with some huge Kari trees – you can even climb them – the Ozzys simply put pins in the tree and up you climb. This is a refreshing difference from the UK – their attitude is “of course it’s dangerous if you fall.” in the UK the dreaded health and safety would never allow it…..

By the way Blue Peter can I have a job?

In the Warren forest we met a couple who tipped us off about a great campsite in Windy Harbour – a lot closer than Albany and since we had been driving a lot we went for it and very nice it proved too. There was lots of wildlife, Jo spotted 2 kangaroo grazing on the campsite after dark – we made up our campfire and very relaxed had to record a thanks to Aunty Gill….

There was perhaps a bit too much wildlife – Jo found this on the tent in the morning…


It was a very beautiful spot though and we decided to stay an extra night to go walking on the clifftops the next day.

Windy harbour

It was then time to head up back to Perth to catch the flight to Bangkok – except we got 2 hours into the trip then at a coffee break we realise we still have a day… Relaxing a bit too much? We diverted off to Bussleton where after all the efforts to see a Dolphin we actually saw one when walking down the beach after a burnt BBQ. It was actually trying to catch fish by luring them up to the beach so it was within 3m of us for about 30 mins as we followed it up and down the beach. Tim even joined in by trying to get the fish to head out to the deeper water where the dolphin caught it. What a team!

The next day really was the day back, we headed back to Perth where Tiggy was waiting to talk to us – here (finally) is the vid.

Gill also had got Jo’s cousin Penny and her partner John. Jeff came too so it was a bit of a party.
Jeff Gill Penny John Tim Jo
Next stop Bangkok!


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