We are currently in Thailand – it’s great, and as I write (Jo) we are enjoying the laid back beach life of Ko Phi Phi. We arrived in Bangkok a few days ago and were met by Debbie at the airport. Debbie and Sam are working here as teachers and loving it.

Debs and Sam and Jo

They have the most beautiful house outside of the city and are enjoying the Thai life. We spent a couple of nights with them and it was great to have a insiders view of the city as they were able to show us all the best bits. They took us to eat at a couple of great restaurants, we have eaten some fantastic food. (Tim writes – especially cabbages and condoms – see Jo’s new proposed outfit for me….)
Jo finds her condom man
I love it so much I even had noodles for breakfast today. Tim had toast and actually takes his own marmalade into the the restaurant!! Honestly!

Tim writes – Bangkok is crazy place – we liked the Grand Palace (had to do the tourist thing…)
Tim Jo at Grand palace
It’s also a place of great contrasts to use a cliche – see here for Bangkok transport old (don’t mess with my tut tut)

And new…

Both vids shot within 1km of each other.

Jo writes When we left Debs and Sam we headed down to Krabbi ( a bit further south) where we were duly ripped off by some travel agent and spent the night in the grimest accommodation next to a stagnant swimming pool on the island of Lanta. It was supposed to have a beach side view – instead we couldn’t access the sea due to the rocks in front of the (dirty) complex. Needless to say we got out of there the next day and headed to Phi Phi.

Koh Pi Pi
This is a great place- exceptionally beautiful, although a bit of a building site due to the Tsunami. I have planned my escape route in case of another one so you can all rest assured! Pretty much the whole town was washed away and they are doing an amazing job of rebuilding it all. We can only imagine how awful it must have been.

We have managed a good bit of beach action since we arrive. Hired yet another Kayak and explored some of the other beaches (one with real monkeys on)

and yesterday went on a boat trip around the island. We did lots of snorkeling and saw some amazing fish. We also visited the beach where the filmed The Beach, Tim had to play the role of Leonardo for me – as he wasn’t there at the time!

We are also enjoying the shopping. Everything is so very cheap, although we are still spending lots of money. I am loving the rip off clothes, except I was trying to buy some shorts yesterday and to my DISMAY could only fit into size XL! (and only then just barely). Its OK though I have it explained to me – the Thai women are really tiny so its all OK, although lots of other people are walking around in them so what that all about. Maybe they were labelled wrong hey, that’s what I’m telling myself. (Tim writes – PS she found another pair of shorts labelled L which she could fit into – crisis averted..)

Anyway today is our last day on Phi Phi before we head back to Bangkok for a night and then off to Hong Kong. We arrive back on the 14th. Wow – how time flies hey.


3 thoughts on “Thailand

  1. Hello, We are all really enjoying hearing and seeing your adventures-the video clips are great they really make it come to life!We feel like we are there with you! Every so often we gather round the computer as a family and have a “Jo and Tim moment”! The girls loved the quokkas so much we printed off a photo for them to take into school and they showed them in assembly and told the whole of St Nicolas school about your trip! fame eh!I hope Jo you have a super duper Birthday we will make a special fuss of both of you when you get back as we haven’t done tim’s eaither. Our Christams pressies were fab by the way-we’ve sent a card to Chesterto await your return. Enjoy the rest of your trip-keep safe-and keep posting your adventures on the web. Lots of love Samxxxx

  2. Hi Tim and Jo, We are loving the blog, sorry I didn’t leave a comment last time I couldn’t quite make it work, however success now. Australia looked fantastic except for the spider which made Jessica and I feel quite ill. Thailand looks amazing too. We are loving the video clips particularly the one of you both camping – very funny! The boys think Uncle Tim is VERY cool for all his sporting activities- WICKED is how they describe them, and quite fancy joining him. Jessica and I are envying the shopping opportunities and the beaches. Really looking forward to chatting to you both on your return and hopefully seeing you and your hours of photographic footage of your trip. Lots of love
    Trina and co xxxxx

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