Hong Kong Shopathon

Very quick post this time becuase i have 2 mins left on the internet system here and we are raring to do yet more sight seeing…..! Spent all day yesterday travelling with 2.5 hrs in Singapore airport shopping mall. Thankfully I resisted however Jo has got a very nice DKNY watch for her birthday (that was our excuse anyway!). We got into HK last night and checked into the hotel which seems pretty good. Tim has already been measured up by a tailor recommended by Clare Kenchington (our vicar’s wife who was based in HK for 5 years before France). I am looking forward to finally cutting the right figure – my only worry is with all the weight i’ve put on the suit might end up too baggy! Now it’s time to do some exploring….. we’ll check back later with the photos and vids…


One thought on “Hong Kong Shopathon

  1. How do Tim & Jo,
    Have n’t looked you up for a few weeks, smart idea of that palace guard to have a box stashed at hand to look taller than Tim on the photo. Hope there’s a photo of the spider being handled by Jo too, I need to check my world’s deadliest spider found in a tent photo to check that I’ve not been outtestosteroned by a girl.

    Anyrate enjoy your last days, there’s a real world awaiting. Done your tax returns yet?

    In case you did n’t hear the news on the jungle drums yet Jorge & Ana are getting married 14th July in Barcelona.

    And meanwhile, now there are Ryan air flights Liverpool – Santander, so if the boxes get too much, feel free to pay a visit.

    See you

    See you

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