Macau last stop

Still not managing to get to a terminal where we can put the ever popular vids up. Had another great time in HK. We visited our vicars old-church in HK yesterday and met up with a few people they knew after the service. For Paul and Clare – we did meet Jo and Mike & Carry and Kristle (Ozzy teacher – not sure if that is right?) – we then to their favourite drinking place – which was Knutsford terrace – by coincindence round the corner from our hotel. Went back to the night market to pick up some kniock knacks and now we are heading for Macau for our last night on tour after Jo has bought herself a nice pair of boots (absolutely last thing we are going to buy apparantly). I have been bad though – I can’t resist bargains that is my problem.


2 thoughts on “Macau last stop

  1. Hi guys, I’m writing, Mazz is too upset you missed her birthday, doesn’t want tyo speak again (ever). Unless of course you give her your boots (she may change her mind)! Happy birthday Jo, don’t worry about the shopping Mazza has always found it a good excuse to buy a new suitcase (another free tip). Love the blog. Very entertaining, except for the cat, who doesn’t talk by the way! Jacob called on Mazza’s birthday (don’t feel bad), he sais hi and is missing everyone. We have been travelling in France this weekend (St Malo, Dinard, Dinan & Mont St Michel). Miss you guys look forward to seeing you in person. By the way Tim, i consulted ny bro, both expert surfers in Durban, apparently the 8 foot board is fine and probably the waves were fine, the likely problem may have been the uncool board shorts (they say these could affect anyones performance). Trash the boardies Austin Powers.
    Ciao Mark & Naughty Mazz

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