Jo’s update

Hi Everyone,

So we have been back in the country for almost two weeks now and I thought it was about time I filled you all in on life up North! We have got the intention of sending you all a change of address card with a little letter included but we are still talking about it – so in the meantime here is our news.

We are still a little bit shell shocked after returning form our two month holiday and while recognizing it’s time to settle down to life and get on with it, we have discussed running away on a number of occasions. No actually it’s not that bad. The flat in Chester is really nice. Tim’s parents have worked very hard and redecorated throughout so it’s all clean and fresh and looks pretty good. I am doing my best to add classy and elegant touches so when you come and visit you will be wowed by my interior design style!! Actually let’s call it Ikea style as that’s where so so much of our stuff comes from! Lets also call it ‘school style’ as there is no escaping the fact we live at the top of a school with a view of a playground. It does make the commute to work pretty good though – we can roll out of bed and walk out of our front door and we are ready to go.

Chester seems very lovely and I think I am already acquiring a northern accent. Everyone is very friendly – it’s true they really are. We have joined a gym down the road and Tim has already had me out on my bike checking out the local area. We are very friendless currently but all in good time hey. I am going to a food party tonight so maybe I’ll make some mates there! It’s girls only so Tim will have to continue friendless for a little bit longer than me!! We tried a local church on Sunday but just the notices went on for 40 mins, by midday we walked out – that ones not for us. Clearly we are not spiritual enough to sit in church for too long. We will try a different one this week.

Everyone has been very welcoming at the school too. We are a little overwhelmed by it all I must say and I am really struggling to remember everyone’s names. I have already been into quite a few of the classrooms and am getting involved on the teaching side of things. At the moment I’m filling in for people, and doing lots of the fun things without the responsibility of organizing any of it. Tim is certainly facing more of a work culture shock than I am. The pretty much all female chat of the staff room is a world away from Nortel! Thank goodness he is still working part time for Nortel I honestly think it’s keeping him sane. He is also going to get involved in some of the sports and has already joined the parent/teacher choir – imagine!!

We are certainly missing France though and all our friends there (the food and wine too), but it’s great to be back in the Uk too and we are looking forward to catching up with all our friends and family here. If only all our French and English pals could all move to Chester everything would be perfect!


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