Dell discontent

There’s been a lot of negative Dell sentiment in the press recently so I wanted to add my own gripe.

On the face of it the story is relatively minor but shows that Dells attention to detail is really slipping. Which cannot bode well for them.

Basically I bought a Inspiron 640m (luckily with XP) last year that in the volume mixer panel there is a button saying “upgrade your sound card software from creative”. I ignored it for most of last year – but recently have got into some midi stuff – and decided to take up the long standing offer.

I went through the process and ended up paying $20 to Creative who gave me a license key – but then it appeared neither Dell nor creative could supply me with the software said license key was supposed to unlock.

Creative were unequivocal the software is supplied by Dell – Dell finally told me that it was an option only available when I bought the damn thing. So why was the *****ing button there at all on the machine they delivered to me?

Ok $20 is not much and I managed to get a refund from Creative – but I lost a lot of precious time trying to sort the damn thing out – I am really not sure that I’ll buy from Dell again. To me Apple looks interesting – or if Wintel it’ll be a HP.


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