It’s not bad round here

We’ve been doing some exploring of the local country side and hope to entice some visitors up north. First off we went to Conwy (about an hours drive from Chester) and did a walk to Penmaenmawr. This is the village which Gladstone the famous liberal prime minisiter of the 19th Century used to go for his holidays almost every year.

Conwy castle On the moors above Conwy Above Conwy

The countryside is spectacular but unfortunately Penmaenmawr has rather seen better times. It suffers from the A55 swooping past it seperating it from it’s shore where Gladstone regularly bathed. Here is the station. It’s hard to imagine fashionable Victorians getting off the train here to go on their annual holiday

.Penmaenmawr Station

Next up it was off locally to a walk around Burwardsley and Hartshill. There is an outcrop f rock on the cheshire plane and it is a popular place to get some fresh air. It’s on the sandstone way, so we could do a really big weekend walk. On the way round we came across grass boarding (see 2nd photo), looks similar to snowboarding but more uncomfortable if you fall over!

.View to Hartshill Ride the Hill

Easter holidays on Friday we did a huge 57km bike ride round the wirral. There is a disused railway track that goes 23km through the Wirral countryside ending up by the coast. There is even a restored station complete with station cat in the station masters office.

Hadlow Road Station The Wirral coastline

Next day on Easter saturday we were back in wales to the Newborough forest in Anglesey. We really liked this place cos it reminded us of France and places like Royan, lovely beach, dunes and pine forests where we went on holiday.

Newborough forest The beach From the island The lighthouse Snowdonia

So all in all not bad so far!


One thought on “It’s not bad round here

  1. Hi Tim & Jo

    Looks like you are settling in quite well. nice pictures, thanks for posting! I have also been doing a little bit of touring in India and have been to Rajasthan last month. Not bad actually. This month end booked for a trip to a backwater resort in Kerala (west coast of southern India). so trying to make the most of my stay here.


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