Olympic honesty

It is strange how the most enthusiastic advocates of the London olympics are the politicians, journalists, BBC employees and sport celeb types who are going to have a great party in 2012 with all that entertainment, hosting, business, hospitality and free tickets.

I just wish they would be honest and realise their experience of the olympics is going to be 100% different to most UK citizens experience. For the average UK school child what is the difference to watching the olympics on telly from London, vs Beijing, Athens, Seoul, Sydney etc? Especially when the government has cut the local budget for sport and arts in their area to pay for the whole shindig. I don’t doubt that there will be a large impact on the London economy (perhaps they need a further boost for house prices?) and the East end will probably be a nicer place after the games but it seems a very expensive way to achieve it.

(Written later) This does look like sour grapes when I look at it again, but I think the point is still valid. Let’s just stop going on about legacy…. I am sure it will be one heck of a party….


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