Summer holidays…?

The last few weeks have been absolutely frantic. The summer holidays are the time when the teachers and pupils all head off for a nice break but for the estate guys it is all go. In the last 6 weeks we have knocked down and rebuilt the main gates, refurbished three toilets, refurbished the school pantry, repainted a large part of the school, installed a network for the office admin and greatly extended the existing network for the school out from a single room into the 5 classrooms. Installed a new learning content system for the teachers to use the shiny new interactive white board and projection systems…….. Everything should have been finished by last Friday but work was still continuing today. The pupils arrive back on Thursday and it feels just like we are trying to get ready for the opening night of a huge production. On top of all of this I am trying to maintain my job at Nortel…. fun and games indeed! Jo went off for a couple of days to see her sister and I am ashamed to find out how I rely on her to tell me when to go to sleep. Hopefully once term does actually start we can take a little rest.


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