Back to GMT…

Oh no it’s that time of the year again when we have to put the clock’s back. I hate it, what is the point? Mornings are lighter but the day draws into a close so early in the afternoon. Apparantly the benefit is for agricultural workers who need daylight to start the day. But modern work doesn’t really need daylight. Sunrise moves from 7.45am to 6.45am on Sunday – and on the shortest day of the year (21 Dec) it is 08.03am. Sunset moves from 17.44pm to 16.44pm on Sunday and on 21 Dec it is 15.53pm. Now sunrise at 7.22am with our reversion to GMT (the average between 28 Oct and 21 Dec) means most people have to get up before Sunrise anyway – so what is the point in going back? We may as well keep BST so that we have some more time in the early evening to have some daylight. Ok Sunrise on 21 Dec would be 9.03am – but Sunset would be 16.53pm – and that is the shortest day of the year. So why don’t we try keeping to BST for the whole year and get a bit more daytime into the bargain? Now doesn’t that sound like a cost free popular measure that the politicians love.


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