In Rainbows

Interesting article on Radioheads new album “In Rainbows” and the pay what you want model. I paid £5 for it – and I am very happy with it. No shitty DRM, no need to sign up to Apple inc itunes, 192kbps quality, standard MP3 encoding. In fact this is the first digital download music I have bought because finally the product was right. From what I know of the music business £5 is far more than an artist could hope to get from sale of a CD through a major.

This model is fine for the likes of Radiohead the question is how does a new band/artist make it. i.e. how are we going to get the Radioheads of the future? Without major promotion and backing even rock solid quality does not always come through the noise. Here a good example – Michael McDermott – I came across him by chance at a festival and his album is quality – for me he could be the next Springsteen but what chance without a major backing him?


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