Depressing UK

Depressing article on the state of the UK. This blog is becoming a bit of a moan fest recently. But I do like a good rant so here goes. Since we are gripping about airports in Britain can I put in a gripe about Liverpool airport? Travelling through it on the way out to Amsterdam recently was depressing. They have a grasping little system called “Fast track” where you pay £2.50 or so to go through security faster. Other airports have this but in Liverpool fast track takes 3/4 of the security scanners and the standard entry 1/4…. Result? In busy times the only way to catch your plane is pay your toll or turn up 3hrs early and sit in a queue for much of it. Nice little earner John Lennon airport. Money can’t buy Love eh? Not to mention the £1 for your plastic bag to put your toiletries (Free in Schipol on the way back) – or as was mentioned in the article the absence of water fountains to force you to buy the overpriced water……. I wonder what all those visitors for the capital of culture will make of it?


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