Great £30 mp3 player for anyone interested.

Every so often you get a piece of kit which just hits the sweet spot and i thought I’d write about such an item. I treated myself to a nice little pressy recently. On my recent ski trip to Val D’Isere I conveniently managed to smash up my old 256meg mp3 player so after some web research bought the Sansa 2GB clip with radio. It is a truly great £30 spent…….. and I advise anyone who doesn’t need to carry their entire music collection with them to look into it.

First it is tiny, the picture below is actually something like 150% size. Which means it is very light and comes with a clip on the back so you can easily attach it to yourself. However the screen is very clear to read and gives you all the info you need. It synchs really well with WMP11 so if you want to quickly move songs on and off it is really easy. However if you just want to drag and drop files using standard windows it can do that too. It plays wma, mp3, wav and audible audio file formats which is perfect as long as you haven’t ripped your tunes in aac (apple format) or whatever proprietary format sony uses (or used to use).

It has an FM radio which you can record, and it has a mic so you can do voice recordings and memos or whatever. It also allows you to use it as a USB drive and store whatever excel, powerpoint etc files you need to…….

Best thing is cost £30 – so if you lose it or whatever it is not a disaster.

Yes it doesn’t play vids, or allows you to surf the internet or whatever but what it does it does really well. So if you haven’t bought into the Apple universe this is a great alternative.


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