Zoom H2 Handy Recorder Review

We recently bought this nifty device for school. It cost £140 but after playing with it for a while it is well worth it.

We were looking for an easy way to record children’s music and singing. The music teacher had been using a very old cassette deck but the quality of this is very low and distributing the material becomes difficult.

With this battery powered device (it also comes with an ac adaptor) you can record direct to mp3 or wav files from either the onboard mics or the line in to various qualities (i.e. mp3 from 48kbps to 256kbps). It records direct to an SD card that accepts the High Density format up to 16GB. The quality is great on the mics, it easy to choose from a 90degree or 120degree field or 2 channel surround or even 4 channel surround sound. I am yet to test the 4 channel mode but the others are very effective. Recording level can easily be set either before or during recording. The track can also be cropped with the device so you can easily cut pieces out. The line in recording records in stereo very effectively. It also has some little onboard bonuses such as a guitar tuner. All in all a great device well recommended.

For an example of the clarity of the microphones this is a recording of a humming game played on a Sunday afternoon…..

For an example of the line in recording click here.


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