The Conservatives on Electoral Reform

Interesting article on Conservative Home.  Britain is essentially a centrist country and if it means governments periodically to the right or left of centre that is ok. The charge that PR leads to back room deals can be countered by the fact that FPTP leads to decisions on the PMs sofa a la Blair. Hung parliament paradoxically leads to a more relevant parliament and not an all powerful executive sitting in dictatorship for x number of years as we’ve had with Labour.

I like the Conservative idea of power to local communities but then I read things like David Cameron on the 29th Mar 10 wanting to repeal the Planning Ammendment to make HMO a planning issue. See That to me seems like a move in favour of landlords not the communities that have to live next to 9 people in a HMO terraced house. That makes me worried and think that perhaps the charge of “same old tories” from Labour is true.


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