Nokia N8

I really hope this is a great phone and they properly support it. By that I mean concentrate on a small number of devices and make sure firmware and software updates are made for some time to iron out the inevitable annoying glitches that will be in the early release. I use an E71 and it is a great phone. I personally like keyboard phones over touch phones and have no problem with S60. But even after downloading the latest firmware it has a few annoying issues like 1) WMP11 sync still transfers the songs but not the playlists…… 2) When using bluetooth headset if a diary alarm reminder goes off you can’t just acknowledge with a press on one of the buttons on the headset – you have to get the phone out to stop it.  No doubt there are quite a few other “niggles” others will have. The point is if Nokia had fewer smartphones these would probably get sorted out so lets hope they’ve produced a winner and then have the corporate focus to concentrate on it. The industry needs competition at the high-end and Europe needs tech giants.


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