iPlayer on your Blu-ray… who needs Sky, Apple TV, GoogleTV?

Recently my DVD player packed in and rather than replace it direct did a little research and spent 120quid on a Sony BDP-S370. Not because I wanted a Blu-ray player (I don’t even have a HD TV) but this little beauty plays BBC iPlayer perfectly. You simply switch it on (it looks a little like the PS3 control screen using the Xmedia system) select video and there is iPlayer. Works great no fuss. There is also 5 on demand but I haven’t found a program I want to watch on it.  I think Sony are planning on getting ITV player and 4oD going on it as well but at the moment they are not there. My only wish is that they would put Last.fm on it but you can’t have it all.

This really is quite a critical time for TV in the UK. I seriously can’t see why anyone pays for Sky unless they are live sport fans (and can’t make the trip to a local pub to watch whatever they need to see). 200 channels of nothing. No wonder Murdoch has been getting so vociferous against the BBC recently. My viewing habits have literally become iPlayer and boxed sets of US tv series. Of course iPlayer has been around for some time – but having it on your TV as easy to watch as a video or dvd is quite a relevation.


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