NHS reforms

Guardian editorial. The NHS will effectively become like the banks – private companies will take the upside and the tax payer the downside because no government is going to let the NHS go bust. Any private company that has the states backing will act in this way to maximise profit.  Top management and top doctors will no doubt get paid ever more and the rest ever less. What will go is the spirit of vocation that has kept the NHS relatively efficient since it’s inception – though that has been sorely tested in the last decades. (Just compare how much the US pays for health).

What the NHS really needs is not wholesale reform but a difficult national debate about how much we can afford for it and therefore what treatments are available on it. When we’ve decided that we need to make sure it does those treatments well.  We don’t want to go back to the Tory 80s when patients would lie in dirty beds in filthy wards getting the latest expensive treatment whilst the hospital managers couldn’t afford proper cleaners……….


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