Sony BDP-S370 DLNA review

Not really a Blu-Ray player – but a networked media hub with a Blu-ray attached. You can pick it up in Richer Sounds for £90 at the moment so it is a huge bargain. There isn’t much info on the network capabilities so I did a video of some of it’s networked features. YouTube & iPlayer work really well but more interestingly DLNA and Qriocity are curate’s eggs. Qriocity Movies are great – one off payments of £3.50 for SD and £4.50 for HD to see movies from Sony studios. Only thing to criticise is the selection. On the other hand Qriocity music is only useful if you pay £3.99 a month for the access to the themed radio stations. Someone better inform SONY that Last.FM does this for free. Similarly DLNA client works well for the video – as long as the files encoded on your server are compatible. Mine seem to be. DLNA music is more difficult. Navigation is very slow if you have a large collection. For instance if you want to listen to Embrace you wait 30seconds or so while it laboriously goes through A’s, B’s etc. The playlist function thus becomes important to organise the music before hand on your pc and then listen. Playlists can’t be shuffled either (from Sony who invented “shuffle”)…. Also the client does not accept wma files either which is a shame to me since I have loads…… So in summary a good start but I hope they keep working on firmware updates….. See video below to see what I mean.


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