Fukushima – calm down, calm down.

Fukushima is a concern but is no way a catastrophe. If only the media wasn’t stuffed full of arts and humanities graduates who have no clue about science and engineering. Nuclear is key to a low carbon future and the way the media is reporting this does not make that future look good.


Thus far the worst exposure was suffered by three workers who stood in ankle-deep radioactive water for several hours and sustained doses above 100 millisievert from doing so, indicating local levels of 20-odd millisievert/hour. They have suffered zero health consequences as a result. As of the latest reports, as many as four other workers (of all the many hundreds present at the site) have gone above 100 millisievert: the maximum level allowed is 250 before being withdrawn from the operation altogether, but as is common in the nuclear industry intense caution is being exercised.

It may sell newspapers and give good ratings but hyping the problems does not help good policy making.


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