Tour de France : were you hooked too?

Wow – what a great TDF. Someone finally sat down with me and explained the rules and once you know what is going on it is fascinating to watch tactics and strategies being played out in ultra gruelling competitive conditions with the backdrop of one of the most (if not the most) beautiful countries in the world.

Hoogerland after the crash- shorts cut to ribbons by the barbed wire (click for full set)

A particular highlight was seeing Johnny Hoogerland get back on his bike after being catapulted through a barbed wire fence at 40mph by a maniac driving a TV car. Another cyclist Juan Antonio Flecha also was taken down and got back up. Hoogerland was lucky to be alive and had multiple deep lacerations across his body. The amazing thing is he got back on his bike and finished the race. That is tenacity, courage and desire not to let his team mates down and I don’t know of any sport where they are tougher. They should force every football player who writhes around in mock agony to watch a clip of the crash and then see Hoogerland get back on his bike. And then he gave the most magnanimous and sportsman like interview at the end of the race. While most of our sporting “heroes” would be spitting blood and retribution he was generosity itself. Hoogerland you are my sporting hero.

Andy Schlek - Click for a full set of pictures


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